About Us

All Over UK Media team are multi-disciplined and centred around clients, not just media channels. We believe that this facilitates a deeper understanding of our clients business objectives.

Patrick James, managing director said "All Over UK Media is about making photos easy and entertainment news affordable with inventive pricing structures to suit clients requirements."

It will be fully up and running in the coming weeks and will have a dedicated staff, which operates out of offices in London.

He said "The Media industry is going through a period of profound upheaval. Traditional outlets such as newspapers have come under intense pressure since the explosion of online news. We plan to build on this momentum...."

Hiring in the Media Industry

We need skilled journalists, reporters, producers and editors to ensure the accuracy and quality of what we produce. Experienced professionals with integrity and a proved track record should apply to jobs@alloverukmedia.co.uk

Managing Director Patrick James managingdirector@alloverukmedia.co.uk

Media Assistant Daisy Scott daisy@alloverukmedia.co.uk

Media Assistant Thomas Cook thomas@alloverukmedia.co.uk

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